Services: Telling Your Story

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Photography and Visual Storytelling

My goal is to provide non-profit organizations the visual materials, including photographs and multimedia videos, that help them tell compelling stories about the positive impact that they make on the world.

I am available for photography and storytelling assignments across the globe.

Photovoice Design and Implementation

Photovoice is a powerful tool for change. By providing members of a marginalized community a camera and arming them with the skills to use it -their photographs have the potential to become a platform for communication and a tool for advocacy and change. Participation in photovoice projects can be transformative because the participants build the necessary confidence and skills to be able to effectively tell their story from their own point of view.  Photovoice can also be an incredibly effective participatory research and evaluation method by providing a greater depth of understanding of how a program has impacted the lives of its participants.

Please contact me if you would like to create a photovoice project for your program or community. I can help you and your organization design a short term or long term project, provide training for staff as well as participants, monitor and implement the project from the start to finish and support in the publication of the final work, including preparing materials for publication and final exhibits.

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Purchasing Images

If you would like to purchase one of my images as a digital file for use please contact me. Otherwise prints are available for purchase through the website.

Contact me:          +65 9236 9734