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About Me

Photography is powerful.

In an instant, a single image can create empathy, heighten awareness and be the catalyst for change.

I am a Social Justice Photographer, exploring the world and using photography as a tool to empower people and communities. Through photography I help local organizations and communities tell their stories.

My passion for storytelling has taken me across the globe, where I have met amazing people and I am moved by their spirit, honesty and perseverance. My greatest strengths as a photographer are my empathy and openness. Because of my background in public health and development, I have a deep understanding of the varied issues that people face and am inspired by their stories of change.

I have been fortunate to collaborate with non-profit organizations across the globe who are working to overcome significant barriers, including poverty and discrimination. Their inspiring work enables members of their communities to lead happier and healthier lives, to have greater autonomy and to achieve their economic and educational goals. I tell stories of change, highlighting the enormous potential of people to persevere and thrive even in the most challenging circumstances.

By telling their stories, lives can be transformed, both for those who tell them and for those who are listening.  Through these stories; people can learn how to reduce barriers, change stereotypes, and make stronger and more aware communities. That is what motivates me and defines the type of photographer I strive to be.

Please contact me if you want me to help tell your organization's story.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, willing to travel.          

+1 650 505 6171

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